How to Apply Eye Medications

How to apply eyedrops

How to apply drops

1. Tip animal's head so nose is pointing up.
2. Allow one drop to fall into the eye.
3. Keep the bottle three to four inches from the eye.
4. Never apply more than one drop unless instructed otherwise.
How to apply ointment

How to apply ointments

1. Tip animal's head so nose is pointing up.
2. Squeeze 1/4 inch strip into the eye.
3. Keep the tube one inch from the eye.

Order to apply different eye medications:

If more than one eye medication is being administered, the order of applying eye medications is from the most liquid (solutions/eye drops) to the least liquid (ointments). If more than one solution (eye drop) is being administered to the eye at any given time, allow at least five minutes between each medication. If solutions (eye drops) and ointments are scheduled at the same time, solutions should be administered at least five minutes before ointments are applied. When more than one ointment is being applied, they can be administered at the same time.

Treatment schedule:

Often times, long-term success is directly dependent upon a strict medication schedule. A treatment schedule is based on a 24-hour period of time. It may be necessary to medicate your pet's eye(s) every four or every six hours. Try to adhere to the scheduled treatment schedule as much as possible.

On the day of your next appointment:

Be certain to apply eye medications to your pet's eye(s) on the day of your next appointment unless otherwise instructed. The ophthalmologist will be evaluating how the eye is responding to the medication(s). Some medications affect the eye for only a short period of time after they are applied. It is much more important that the ophthalmologist evaluate your pet's eye after it has been medicated, rather than how it appears when not medicated.


Which is the right eye and which is the left eye?

Important points to remember:
•    Do not use medication prescribed for one pet on another pet.
•    Remember which is the right eye and which is the left eye.
•    Animals (and humans) often rub at the eye immediately after it is medicated-this is normal.
•    If your pet is squinting, appears uncomfortable, or if excessive redness is noted, call immediately.
•    If you have any questions concerning medications or instructions please contact us.